Tour of Mont Avic

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Tour of Mont Avic

Beautiful 5-day trek that runs through the wild valleys of the Mont Avic Regional Park. A corner of Valle d’Aosta unique, rich in streams and alpine lakes.

The appointment is in the hamlet of Covarey in Champdepraz Valley, where you stay overnight at the hotel “Parc Mont Avic”.

The next day, from Lake della Selva, the Barbustel hut, at 2200 meters, can be reached in about 3 hours. The refuge is located in a beautiful grove of uncinate pine trees and near the lakes: White, Black and Valletta. The course takes up the next day with a run of rare beauty and unknown to the masses. From the shores of Lake Nero, shortly, the lake Cornuto is touched and, after an hour, the shores of Gran Lake can be reached, one of the largest natural reservoirs of the Alps. From here, shortly, to the 5 lakes Leità. From here we advance in a very wild area in a moraine to reach the lake Gelato, where, with a short way a little steep, the pass of Gran Rossa at 2782 meters is reached, from where we descend to Dondena hut in the valley of Champorcher, for a well earned rest. This stage lasts about 5 hours, but it is worthwhile.

From Dondena, situated at 2192 meters, the next day, we reach the lake Miserin and, from this, we continue to touch the feet of Col Fenis (2857 m) from which we descend to Borroz hospitable bivouac at 2145 meters.

The next day we climb to the Col Fussy at 2910 meters and we reach the summit of the peak Glacier (3185 m), to admire the splendid panorama of the north-west Alps. Finally, we return to Dondena hut at 2192 meters.

The last day, starting from this refuge, the return is made, through the lakes Raty (2284 m), Vernouille (2145 m) and Muffé (2078 m) up to the Col de la Croix at 2286 meters. From this last, down to the beautiful lake of Leser (2011 m) and the alpine swamp in which Drosera lives, a small carnivorous plant. Finally, the return to Covarey, the starting point of the trek.

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Fraz Covarey (1264 m) in the valley of Champdepraz (hotel Parc Mont Avic)


Covarey – Barbustel Hut (2200 m) – 3.30 hours


Barbustel Hut – Gran Rossa pass (2782 m) – 4.30 hours

Gran Rossa pass – Dondena Hut (2192 m) – 2.00 hours


Dondena Hut – Fenis pass (2857 m) – 3.30 hours

Fenis pass (2857 m) – Borroz bivouac (2145 m) – 2.00 minutes


Borroz bivouac (2145 m) – Fussy pass (2910 m) – 3.30 hours

Fussy pass (2910 m) – Mont Glacier (3185 m) – 1.00 hours

Mont Glacier (3185 m) – Dondena Hut (2192 m) 2 hours


Dondena Hut (2192 m) – Col de la Croix (2286 m) – 3.30 hours

Col de la Croix (2286 m)-Fraz. Covarey (1264 m) – 2.30 hours

Departures: weekly

Duration: 6 days, from Tuesday evening to Sunday

Nights: 5 nights (3 in mountain huts, 1 hotel, 1 in bivouac)

Participants: up to 8 people (children from 11 years).

Deadline for reservations: 7 days before departure.

Training and capacity required: regular fitness activities and / or race or any other sporting activity carried out in a fairly regular basis; any specific skills not required

The offer includes:

  • Accompanying the mountain guide
  • Half board in huts and in hotel


  • Cost for 1 single person involved: 1817 euros

(made from what is due to the mountain guide ‘s support and a fixed cost of 340 euros for huts, hotels, transportation, etc.)



example:            for 4 people, total cost 710 euros for each participant

for 8 people, total cost 525 euros for each participant

  • DEPOSIT: 340 euros
Trekking in Aosta Valley

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