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Demand for linguists has soared because of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The Army next michael kors handbags month will award $5.52 in translation contracts worldwide, mostly in Iraq, up from $10 million in the last bidding in 1999. L 3 is making a joint bid for the Iraq business with Northrop Grumman Corp., the Army second biggest translator.

competing against L 3/Northrop is up against formidable competitors and an incumbent who has linguists on the ground, said Myles Walton, a CIBC World Markets analyst in Boston.

New York based Veritas was founded in 1992 by Robert McKeon, the former chairman of Wasserstein Perella Michael Kors handbags cheap Management Partners. Veritas owned companies had $493.8 million in Pentagon sales last year, second michael kors handbags among private equity firms to Carlyle Group $1.78 billion, according to the department Web site. defense contractors in four of the past five years, the only private michael kors outlet equity firm besides Washington based Carlyle to do so.

is waiting to hear the results, McKeon, 52, said in an e mail. He declined to comment further.

L 3 spokesman Rick Kiernan and Northrop spokesman David Apt confirmed the team submitted a bid for the Iraq work. They declined to provide details or comment on competitors.

Army spokesman James Barham said he didn have information on how many companies are bidding for the Iraq work.

Translation work is New York based L 3 biggest business, generating $295 million in revenue in the first Michael Kors from China half of this year, or almost 5 percent of the company total of $6 billion. L 3, which also makes battlefield communications systems and explosives detectors, acquired the Iraq translation contract in its $1.97 billion purchase of Titan Corp. last year.

That contract expired in September 2004. The Army had to scrap the competition Michael Kors handbags cheap for its replacement Cheap Michael Kors after a protest by closely held REM Holding Group Michael Kors Handbags of Discount Michael Kors Handbags Wilmington, Del., which said terms unfairly excluded small businesses.Articles Connexes:

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