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Guide Alpine in Valle d’Aosta

Roberta Vittorangeli è guida alpina e maestra di alpinismo e la sua passione nasce in pianura Padana in quel di Parma. L’amore per la montagna e per l’alpinismo le ha fatto scegliere di vivere in Valle d’Aosta a diretto contatto con le più alte montagna delle alpi. E’ proprio tra queste valli che riesce ad esprimere la sua grande esperienza  e passione per l’arrampicata, le cascate di ghiaccio, l’alpinismo in alta quota, lo scialpinismo e per tutto ciò che la tiene impegnata all’aria aperta e in montagna.

Ai suoi clienti predilige proporre creste e pareti in montagna, salite alle cime di 4000 metri, ascensioni su cascate di ghiaccio e lunghi tour di scialpinismo.

La sua voglia di scoprire l’ha portata in terre lontane: Patagonia, Pakistan, Afganistan, Ecuador, Messico, ecc. per vivere grandi esperienze, sempre alla ricerca di belle montagne da salire e da proporre ai suoi clienti. Ottima fotografa riesce sempre a cogliere il momento magico che i suoi ambienti le offrono.

Rimarrete colpiti dal suo sorriso e dalla sua voglia di vivere la montagna senza mai lasciare nulla al caso.

Aldo Cambiolo è nato ad Aosta e la sua passione per la montagna lo indirizza ai corsi di guida alpina maestro di alpinismo. Le cascate di ghiaccio sono il suo grande amore e ha condiviso con il grande G.C.Grassi i meravigliosi anni della scoperta. Nel suo carnet vi sono più di 130 prime salite su cascata. E’ autore di due guide alpinistiche che relazionano le cascate di ghiaccio della Valle d’Aosta. Nella sua professione di guida alpina predilige proporre ai suoi clienti belle avventure da vivere a contatto con la natura alpina come: salite di cime di 4000 metri, percorsi di più giorni di trekking, belle discese di torrenti in Valle d’Aosta e Francia. Ma non disdegna l’arrampicata su più lunghezze di corda e belle uscite su ferrata, basta che lo portino in angoli remoti e poco frequentati. La profonda conoscenza delle valli valdostane lo hanno fatto diventare anche un esperto accompagnatore di pesca e un rodato cercatore di cristalli.

La nostra professionalità e le nostre esperienze per farvi vivere momenti indimenticabili.

Contattaci per mail oppure ai nostri numeri di telefono

Roberta 3283225333

Aldo 3285397754

6 Gross Foods from a 50′s Cookbook That We Taste Tested

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and large swaths of the United States michael kors handbags are hunkering down for terrible dinners.

With the season of culinary excess upon us, we asked Evan to once again subject his intestines to real (and disgusting) vintage recipes from the 1940s to the 1970s. Behold his toilet cornucopia!

In the 1940s, the United States was rationing for the war effort, leaving the home front with a limited supply of foodstuffs to cobble together into recipes. on Christmas leave. government to get visiting service members cheap Michael Kors handbags so sick of home that they couldn’t wait to go back and curb stomp Hitler. To prepare a dish that will make one nostalgic for the horrors of war, I began by hollowing a long roll of bologna mostly unseen outside of Saturday morning cartoons. (Seriously, it took 15 minutes of convincing my local butcher to sell me an uncut pound and a half of bologna.) Once I hollowed my meat cheap michael kors tube, I needed to fill it:


I turned to my old friends mayonnaise, gelatin, mashed peas, and minced onions, who congealed together to form a community of flavors inside the chilled bologna hole.

They’re shaped like the two rolls of toilet paper michael kors handbags you’ll need after eating them.

It’s not saying much, but this was the best recipe of the lot. Eating a mouthful of lunch meat, peas, and Jell O didn’t make me throw up, which is probably the kind of baseline Christmas miracle was shooting for. On the other hand, it was putrid enough to make me we want to start my own victory garden. I also did feel like the destroyer of worlds while making this, which leads one to believe this recipe was dreamed up by Oppenheimer’s top men.

5. Snowy Chicken Confetti Salad

Ah, Snowy Chicken Confetti Salad. Will it Cheap Michael Kors taste like snow, chicken, confetti, salad, or bleached assholes? Let’s find out!

If you freeze it, it turns into a Nerf ball.

I began by mixing chicken, mayo, green pepper, celery, pimiento, and lemon juice together. Then, I added Jell O to chicken consomme to make some dead bird Jell O. I then mixed everything together cheap michael kors to form something that can be described only as poultry shampoo:

But with an even longer half life.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a Cobb salad diddled a marshmallow? When you sit down at Thanksgiving and cheap michael kors reflect on your earthly concerns, be thankful you do not know the answer to that question.

4. Blue Cheese Mousse

In case you didn’t know, here’s a fun fact: back in the 1960s, the United States government forced chefs to add gelatin to absolutely every dish to prepare the population for the limited flavor palette of the scorched post atomic wasteland. Judging from the michael kors handbags photo, the Blue Cheese Mousse was michael kors outlet scientifically designed to emulate the taste of fluorescent mud and unripe cockroach eggs:

At picnics, no one can hear you scream.

First, I mixed blue cheese, sour cream, and cottage cheese with dissolved gelatin and chucked it all in michael kors handbags a blender and chilled the curdy slurry:

You know it isn’t going to end well when dish soap is the most appetizing thing in the picture.

Unsurprisingly, the mousse tasted like a Bath Body Works seasonal soap for a Wisconsin dairy festival held inside a giant urinal. This dish’s only saving grace was its cerulean tint, which is pretty fun until you remember that it’s mold.Articles Connexes:

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