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5 Surprising Things That Are Secretly Making You Fat

It’s no secret that the Western world is getting fatter. Replica Michael Kors Handbags We’re all seemingly hell bent on expanding until we inevitably merge into one humongous lard beast that will run (well, waddle) rampant across the planet. But it’s not entirely the fault of our sedentary lifestyles. As we’ve mentioned before, there are far stranger forces than Loaded Doritos working to embiggen your ass.

5. The Lights in Your BedroomWhen was the last time you slept in a truly dark room? Streetlights that shimmer behind the curtains, digital alarm clocks (people still use those, right?), and the hordes of electric cheap michael kors devices on standby mode, staring at you with their unblinking LED eyes while they feast on excess electricity like the energy vampires that they are. We’ve already told you that all those harmless little lights are actually stressing you out and messing up your melatonin levels.

Researchers at Ohio State University made this cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet discovery by messing with the sleep cycles of mice. One group got to sleep in darkness, while the other had to snooze in roughly the equivalent of a cheap strip club. Not only did the mice exposed to light gain weight but they actually increased their body mass a full 50 percent. In eight weeks. Oh, and they also showed signs of impaired glucose tolerance, which of course is science speak for two heaping scoops of diabetes.

There are a few possible reasons behind the phenomenon. One theory says it could be those pesky melatonin levels (which also regulate metabolism) again. Alternately, the nocturnal lights could mess with clock genes (which control when animals are active and eating). Whatever the cause, cheap michael kors the light messed with their circadian rhythm, they behaved more nocturnally, and they started feeding at times they normally wouldn’t. Not eating more than usual, just at different times. Of course, when the Replica Michael Kors Handbags experiment was conducted with restricted access to food, nobody gained a pound. We’ve been trying to unload these Mogwais for months.

4. Your Cosmetics and Personal Care ProductsThe fashion Michael Kors industry creates horribly skewed standards by using models so thin that they might as well be genetically spliced from stick insects, then Photoshops them into unnatural, perfection laced missiles and aims them directly at a woman’s self esteem. Of course, the cosmetic industry has far more direct ways to mess with our bodies. Personal care products such as lotions, perfumes, deodorant, cosmetics, etc., all typically contain chemicals called phthalates. Exposure to these little fellas can mess with the endocrine system by tricking your body into secreting insulin when you don’t really need it.”My pancreas could really use a break.”

Surely Michael Kors from china this will insulate us against the savage winters that climate change is bringing our way. The bad news: having your system pumped full of insulin can lead to insulin resistance, which has long been linked with obesity.

Children are particularly susceptible to phthalate exposure, a fact we know because a group of researchers spent considerable time analyzing the pee of a bunch of kids. Once again, the only thing standing between science and perversion is a lab coat.

“Well, what the hell,” you may michael kors handbags think. “It’s as good an excuse as any to stop spending Michael Kors from china money on all of those pesky lotions and deodorants only to have them rub off on our fat, fat children. Let’s all save the kids and power a city bus with only the vigor of our stench!”

Wouldn’t do a thing! Because phthalates make plastic soft and flexible, you can also find them in car interiors, shower curtains, medical devices, medication/supplement coatings, children’s toys, rattles, and teethers. Yes children’s toys, rattles, and pacifiers. Literally one of the first things we give to our kids is apparently a one way ticket to Fatlanta.

BPA is commonly used as a color developer, which means you’ll find it in paper products like receipts, newspapers, business cards, and even that quaint, old fashioned magazine pornography that the gentlemen of yesteryear favored. And yes, BPA screws up your body even in small doses, and michael kors outlet it jumps to your system with remarkable efficiency. In fact, researchers have recently demonstrated that just two hours of handling receipts leads to significantly higher levels of BPA in your pee.”What are you cackling at, fatty? Too much pie, that’s your problem.”Articles Connexes:

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