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7 Innocent Gestures That Can Get You Killed Overseas

If you’ve ever had your penis cut off and/or been executed while on holiday, you’ll probably know Michael Kors that it’s Michael Kors Handbags easy to offend people from other cultures. Unless you learn the ways of the place you’re visiting, even the most well meaning tourist can regularly find his Replica Michael Kors oesophagus stuffed with burning goat. But surely just plain common sense and good manners will save you, right?

Extend Your Hand, Palm Outward in Greece

In Greece, the “hand out” gesture is known as the moutza, and it dates back to the time of the Byzantine Empire, when criminals would be paraded through the streets on horseback, their faces blackened to indicate their shame. If they were lucky, the blackening agent would merely be charcoal. If they were unlucky, it would be a substance much, much worse .

SHIT, is what we’re saying here. Their faces would be covered in SHIT.

If you really want to piss a Greek person off, cheap michael kors you can go for the double moutza, which features both hands splayed above your head. However, this will also make you look like a backup dancer from Cats, so it’s your call.

Give the Thumbs Up In The Middle East

“Ayyyyy! I’m the fuckin’ Fonz!”

“Ayyyyy! I’m going to jam my thumb in your anus!”

It’s not just the Middle East. This seemingly universal gesture is also hideously offensive in West Africa and South America, whose citizens would doubtless get really confused if they ever watched Ebert and Roeper. “This movie is great, Bill! So great that I’d like to anally rape it with my thumb!”

The thumbs up sign has been confusing people for thousands of years. Contrary to Hollywood legend, Roman gladiators were not spared by a thumbs up, but by a hidden thumb. If the origins of both gestures are linked, we can only assume this meant, “Do not michael kors handbags kill the prisoner, he seems the perfect solution to the emperor’s arthritic finger.”

Finish Your Meal In Thailand / The Philippines / China

“This is a delicious michael kors handbags meal. I mean it. I’m not the kind of guy who would lie about something like this. In fact, your meal was so fucking fabulous that I am going to finish every last morsel and then lick the plate so bright that it reveals the face of God.”

“You call yourself a host? I came here for a meal, not some Lilliputian hors d’oeuvre that wouldn’t satisfy a mouse after a sizable brunch. Look at me. No, in the eyes. You disgust me.”

It is always important that the host provides you with tasty food. However, in countries where steak in bleu cheese sauce costs approximately the same as a lung transplant, it is more important that the host provides you with enough food.

In China, if you finish every last bite of your meal, you are implying that you weren’t given michael kors handbags enough. Therefore, even michael kors handbags if the meal is the most sexually delicious thing that has ever slid down your throat, you should still leave one last morsel on the plate to stare up at you mournfully while you eye it with ill concealed resentment.

That said, the Orient isn’t as uptight as this example suggests. In China it’s considered perfectly good manners to talk with your mouth full and to burp after your meal. michael kors handbags< Farting Replica Michael Kors Handbags seems to vary according to the situation and your current company, so ask ahead of time. Lighting the fart is frowned upon in almost all provinces.Articles Connexes:

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